Karo – Heavy Birthday

Jetzt Geht's Los

Dan Lucas
Producer: Peter Haucke, Tony Platt, Engineers: Tony Platt, Andy Lunn
Number of discs: 1

H.-J. Robert “Karo” Straub Keyboards, Erich Holstein † Guitars, Lutz Salzwedel (Dan Lucas) Lead and Backing Vocals, Ronald Bosien † Drums, Dieter Seeburg Bass, Guest: Fergie Frederiksen † Backing Vocals on “Ball of Fire”

01. Wanna Be Loved06. Call Of The Wild
02. One Of A Kind07. No Man´s Land
03. Still Hate To Lose08. Out On The Line
04. Sister Sister09. Could Shoulder
05. Ball Of Fire10. Nobody´s Fool
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