Dan Lucas – 2000!

Richard Benoit
Dan Lucas
Marlboro Music
Producer: Susan Hamilton
Number of discs: 1

Dan Lucas Lead and Backing Vocals, Acoustic Guitar on „Can’t Hold Back“, Greg Critchley Drums, John Pierce Bass, Kane Roberts Guitars, Backing Vocals, Greg Wells Keyboards, Lenny Castro Percussion


  • Robin Beck Lead and Backing Vocals
  • Lisa Dalbello Backing Vocals
  • Michael Landau Guitars
  • Michael Thompson Guitars
  • Reb Beach Solo Guitars on „I’m Not Looking for an Angel“ and „I Want to Be Wanted“
  • Tim Pierce Guitars
  • Ron Dante Backing Vocals
  • Louis Merlino Backing Vocals
01. It´s Only Money08. I´m Not Looking For An Angel
02. By The Riverside09. Aim For The Heart
03. Where Would I Be10. Immaculate Eyes
04. I Want To Be Wanted11. What Does It Take
05. Close Your Eyes And Say Goodbye12. Stranger
06. Waiting13. The Bridge
07. Can´t Hold Back14. If You Need Me Tonite
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